So the hunt's over and thanks to each and every one of you for staying safe and respecting the farmers property. We told you it wouldn't be easy and some of the more cunning hunters made the most of what they had in hand. Below is the story of our two winning hunters:

2013 Winner: D-Max Decider Day

Nick Williams a 29-year-old from Napier put his hunting and physics skills to test when he drove away in a brand new D-Max! Accuracy was the key for Nick, out-scoring everyone in the axe throwing challenge!

Nick found the BOP license. “I spied a large rock with some rubble in front of it; I moved the rubble to find a small cave with a black canister in the back if it. A quick yahoo and some fist pumping went down. I opened the canister to find toys, marbles and stickers but no licence, excitement turned to sickening disappointment, it was a geo cache canister. I went out again with my heavily pregnant wife; she sat down on a rock to rest when I saw the orange bead sticking out of the ground. I knew had the license!”

“Decider time, my best mate told me “second is not an option”. On arrival to the event all the competitors soon realised how serious this competition was with line ups of D-MAX Utes kitted out in different ways.”

For Nick, hearing my name read out as the winner was really something, words could not describe. "I was so excited I could hardly talk."

“I opted to drive my brand new top of the line D-MAX home. It was all a bit surreal driving down the drive in my dream Ute, I didn't even know the way home but was not in the least bit worried, I just kept driving and boy did the truck drive well.”

“What a weekend, first child and I won a D-MAX.”

Click here to see Nick win the D-Max.


2013 Winner: "Invite a Mate"

Shaun Belcher, from Tauranga told himself he “had to win the D-Max this year”. Hours spent on challenges and piecing together clues had Shaun heading in the right direction, however he just wasn’t quick enough. Knowing he had missed out on the license in his region, he switched his focus to inviting friends to register putting him in the draw for the second Ute.

“3pm on the Decider Day rolled around and no call, 3.15pm and still nothing then at 3.30pm Davey phoned saying I’d won the Ute, I couldn’t believe it, I was absolutely blown away!”

“I’ve learnt to never give up and you’ve got to be in it to win it! I’m now planning my adventures for summer in the new D-Max and the trips to the snow with mates next year will be in style. I can’t wait!”

2012 Winner: North Island

Jason Yuill a 42 year old orchard manager used his daughters rubber raft and some ended up wading through a swamp to win the brand new ute Isuzu D-Max

"I knew from the clues that had been released that there was a swamp to negotiate so I decided to bring my daughters little dinghy. It wasn't pretty but it did the trick," Jason said.

Jason had travelled from the Bay of Plenty with his father-in-law to look for the ute which was hidden on a rural property north-west of Auckland.

"After 9am when I saw it I just ran for it. I beat another guy literally by just a few seconds. It was pretty lucky to be honest," Jason said.

He said it was a risk to take time off work and travel so far for the hunt but was glad that he'd done so.

Jason said he hunted recreationally and found the map reading and outdoor skills particularly helpful in following the online clues as they were released.

"I've been thinking about buying a new ute so this is perfect timing. I'm pretty bloody happy to be honest," he said.

Click here to view the interview with Jason.

North Island Winner

2012 Winner: South Island

Aaron Bashnick a 22 year old Canterbury University student did used his wit and determination to bag the prize.

Aaron, who is studying forestry engineering, won the ute after following the 5 week hunt.

"There were five people all right there together looking for the D-MAX, it was crazy. Three of them went right past it and didn't see it because it was well camouflaged. I only got there a second before the guy behind me", Aaron said.

"We knew from the clues that the D-MAX was at the back of the property but the hunt rules said no one could go onto it until nine o'clock. So to get around it we tramped in over the Tarlesse Range. It took about eight hours but I guess it was all worth it now," he said.

He is also hoping an eight hour tramp that helped win him win the ute won't cost him when he sits down for his final university exams later this week. "I'm just going to have to do some late nights studying now to get ready for my exams."

Click here to view the interview with Aaron.

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